Guru Viking Interviews Ep1: Lorin Roche PhD


In this interview I had the pleasure of talking with my good friend Lorin Roche. Lorin is an author, a translator, and has been teaching meditation since 1968.

In our discussion we cover the multi-dimensional meanings of Sanskrit, Lorin’s early years as a renegade meditation teacher in the 60s, the possibilities and dangers of meditation, the oppressed spiritual genius of women, and why each individual has a unique, personal doorway to the meditative state.

Topics Include:

  • Lorin’s philosophy of translation
  • The many dimensions of meaning and the music of the Sanskrit language
  • The range of possible meanings of the word ‘Yoga’
  • The 112 doorways to meditation offered by the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra
  • Meditation as a natural state
  • How to find your personal doorway to meditation
  • Why so much meditation practice is an unknowing echo of childhood relationship patterns
  • How the inner critic disguises itself as spiritual teaching
  • The dangers of meditation
  • Lorin’s early years as a renegade meditation teacher in the 60s and 70s
  • Why very few meditation teachers actually listen to their students
  • How Lorin learned to meditate
  • Why a lot of people are doing the wrong kind of meditation for them
  • Teaching meditation vs practicing meditation
  • The pros and cons of the ancient lineage model
  • Structures of authority and the open space of live teaching
  • Lorin’s filters for evaluating the ancient traditions and their techniques
  • The renunciate’s contempt of householders
  • The problems of householders adopting monk and nun teachings
  • Living out the path of desire as a spiritual path
  • Why monastic teachings harm young people
  • Meditation as a celebration of a life of fullness
  • The spiritual genius of women
  • Traditional doctrines of the inferiority of women
  • How to filter out the oppressive elements of the ancient traditions
  • The many natural gateways to meditation
  • How to build your own approach to meditation
  • Working with Lorin

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Music ‘Deva Dasi’ by Steve James